Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Sculpting an Casting Services

So we've got plenty of 40k and Warmachine models to share, but first lets get a little example of our depth out there! 

At Fanatix Hobby Services we have access to every stage of miniature production.

  • Design

Phillip and Leon will discuss your ideas and concepts and help you forge a working idea with illustration and 3D design elements.

  • Sculpt

Leon will take the approved concept and sculpt an original maquette or model of your choosing.

  • Molding and casting in resin

If your looking for reproduction of your sculpt we can handle that as well, we make our molds in silicone, and cast them in resin.

  • Packaging, Branding and Label

If you would like to present your model for retail sale or create a working prototype for your game or model. We can help guide you through the process and offer Graphic Design services as well as game publishing services.

Here are some examples!

So Fanatix, kind of does everything in the geek world. One of those things is sell Indie comics and graphic novels. Back in November 2013, we held our first Fanaticon a local comic book and sci-fi convention. As a gift for one of the guests, I had this character sculpted for Dust Bunny creator: Brett Brooks.

Leon knocked this out for me at short notice, and delivered the final product before the deadline!

When I first met Leon, I wanted to have my very own Fantasy Miniature for my Orc character... thus Randkor was born from the hands of Leon's sculpting tools!  

Another popular figure of Leon's was this custom shark, developed for an underwater miniatures game.

There are more to come later, but for now that's it folks!

If you need help with any aspect of miniature or character design, please email us!

Be sure to check out if you have time and if you'd like to pick up a copy visit us at Fanatix! 


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