Sunday, March 9, 2014

Crimson Fists Centurions - Leon Bain

So a lot of these posts are going to be playing catch up to our current work, but as I sit in the game shop and get free time, I will be uploading past projects 1-2 at a time for archival reasons on this blog.

Please comment or message us if you like to inquire about commissions or "how to" questions!

Project..............Crimson Fists Centurions
Artist.................Leon Bain

These models feature:

  • Fully magnetized weapon options
  • Hand Sculpted Crimson Fist Icon
  • 3 Shades per color 
  • Basic basing options.

Thanks for stopping by!

As the projects become updated, so will the quality of photos!

Please remember, projects are done on commission basis and technique and quality are based on the level of request.

We will have more in depth examples of quality in the coming weeks.

-Fanatix Hobby Services

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